DACA Dreamer makes his dream come true by becoming a firefighter

MATTAWA, WA - After President Trump announced plans to end Deferred Actions for Childhood Arrivals, many Dreamers were left unsure of their future.

Reporter Estreyita Rosales spoke with one Dreamer who has battled the Jolly Mountain Fire that has burned thousands of acres.

Jose Tapia-Garcia is from Puebla, Mexico - he was only two years old when his family migrated to the U.S. Since then, they have been living in Mattawa. He is a firefighter and and EMT in Ephrata and Mattawa, and he's also a DACA recipient...something he is very proud of.

"There's always some hope for us Dreamers...DACA recipients," Tapia said. "There's hundreds and thousands of us."

While he was battling the Jolly Mountain Fire, he found out about President Trump's plan to end DACA, and he says he wasn't completely focused after the news.

"I wasn't at my physical or mental best with the team."

Due to fear, no one knew he was a DACA recipient...not even his chiefs at work. Until one day.

"They found out once I posted a post on Facebook that went viral," said Tapia. "Once I arrived back from the Jolly Mountain Fire, which was like a week later...we just had a small conversation."

And after that conversation, he was shocked at the support he received.

"It means a lot to me. It means that he believes in me, it means that I am doing a fantastic job with them that they want to keep me with them."

Tapia says that he understands the work President Trump has is difficult and stressful, and leaves us with this message.

"I'm just hoping he can work with Congress on a way to find a real quick solution for us Dreamers."

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