Dismissal Denied in Frank Sweet's Theft Case

YAKIMA, Wash.-- Sunnyside's former Interim City Manager, Frank Sweet, was back in court Tuesday in connection with theft and possession of stolen property charges.

Investigators say Sweet destroyed city files after he left his previous job in Selah.

Sweet and his attorney filed three motions in court, including one asking for the case to be thrown out because they believe it's impossible to know exactly what was deleted.

"Not every document, not every email, not every scribble telephone notepad is a public record. We have no way of knowing, by the state's own admission, we have no way of knowing what's in these documents," said Mike Kelly, one of Sweet's attorneys.

The judge denied all three motions, saying the defense's case was not enough for dismissal.

He did grant a continuance though. The trial will now start in June.

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