District office backed up with transcript requests

YAKIMA, Wash.-- President Obama's new program that lets young illegal immigrants apply for work permits took effect last month. Since then, the Yakima School District has seen an overwhelming number of requests for transcripts.

The Yakima School District says they've been getting 10 to 14 requests every day since the new program took effect.

That means they've had around 400 submitted to their student registration office in a little over a month.

The problem is, the district has had some trouble keeping up with all of them.


Roy Knox is the Director of Information Systems for the Yakima School District. He says it was taking his office about a month to get transcripts sent out because of the volume.

They've even brought in temporary staff to keep up with the demand.     

"That's a full-time effort. So, we had to bring somebody in full-time just to handle that. Our regular staff that are on board, they're doing multi-tasking, trying to work this in, that's where the delay comes from," said Knox.

Right now, Knox says it's taking them about two weeks to turn a request, but he hopes to get that down even further, to two or three days.

The program allows young illegal immigrants the opportunity to apply for two-year, renewable work permits if they meet certain criteria.

It's estimated that almost two million people nationwide may qualify, and districts around the country have been swamped with requests.

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