Down Syndrome Association of Mid-Columbia holds Buddy Walk

RICHLAND, WA.- The seventh annual Down Syndrome Association of the Mid-Columbia Buddy Walk at Howard Amon Park in Richland aimed to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month.

Monique Marron said the annual walk brings together families of people with down syndrome and others in the community.

"I'm sure if you asked every family here it's not really the money we just want our kids to accepted and be part of this community and this is how we're going to change the face of down syndrome," said Marron.

This year, Rachel Coleman got the crowd moving with her "sign-time" hits. She is widely recognized in the down syndrome community for her fun A.S.L lessons.

The walk raises money for the Down Syndrome Association of the Mid-Columbia.

It was started to help families of people with down syndrome get support and resources.

"The proceeds from the buddy walk, we use in our community, it helps us run our programs all year long, we bring education to people in our area," said Tracie Winkelman, DSAMC Board Member.

Organizers estimate about 17 hundred people are took part in this year's event.

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