Dumping personal items in public park dumpsters is illegal

WEST RICHLAND, WA - The West Richland Police Department has received quite a few complaints this week about their city parks, which prompted them to post to Facebook letting the community know that park dumpsters and trash cans are for park use only.

Reporter Jaclyn Selesky dug through the issue with the police department today, and found out it’s illegal to dump personal items in park dumpsters.

Dumping things like electronic boxes and household items in public parks can land you a $250 fine.

"Lawn chairs, garage waste, all the stuff they didn't want," said Sgt. Boehmler with WRPD. "Old stuffed animals, carpets, yard debris are just a number of personal items people have been illegally dropping off at Flat Top Park."

To avoid the unnecessary and pricey fine, you can drop your garbage off at a few locations like the Richland City Landfill or Basin Disposal in Pasco.

"It's only a few bucks to drop off a whole truck load of stuff," said Sgt. Boehmler.

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