E-Books gaining popularity

KENNEWICK, Wash. - E-reader tablets, like a kindle or a nook are fast becoming just as common as your classic hardback book. You can even access books on Android phones and I-Phones.

Libraries have begun a new chapter and followed technology's lead.

"Last year, we saw over 50,000 checkouts and so far this year we're at 60,000," said Mid-Columbia Libraries Marketing Director Kate Holloway. "So we're looking at a record setting year for e-book checkouts and exponential growth in how popular it is with our customers."

The Mid-Columbia Libraries offer 45,000 digital titles which range from cook books and kids books to best sellers and Spanish books.

"I think as technology has evolved, it's now more convenient and want to have your books with you," said Holloway. "That's very appealing to our customers and so the nice thing is the library's available to offer books in whatever formation our customers want."

Holloways said while some fear the rise of e-books will be the demise of print, that won't be the case. There will always be classic bound books lining library shelves. But as for, e-reading... she believes this rise in popularity is just the beginning.

"I think we're just going to see it continue to become more popular as more people adopt the technology and the devices and want to access their books in that format," said Holloway. "I think we'll continue to see it grow and libraries are keeping pace evolving with that as well."

The Richland Public Library offers a selection of 1,700 e-books and they also offer a weekly workshop on e-readers. It's called Tech Thursdays and it's held from 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.

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