Ellensburg Dealing with Rat Related Power Outage

ELLENSBURG, WA - The Kittitas County Public Health Department has been notified of a rat related power outage in Ellensburg. 

County officials say this is the first reported incident of 2015. Between 2012 and 2013 there were 7 instances of power outages due to rats.

Officials say rats have been an ongoing issue.

KCPHD has received a handful of rat related complaints in the last two months from residential areas in Ellensburg.

The Kittitas County Public Health Department (KCPHD) wants people to prevent rat infestations.  

They say you can:

· Seal up holes or gaps in your home to prevent rodents from returning. 

· Trap rodents in and around your home using an appropriate snap trap. 

· Clean up any sources of food or water, and items that might provide shelter for rodents, including rotten fruit, animal feces, and loose garbage. 

Health officials say the types of rats that live in this region do not typically transmit Hantavirus.  However, rats can transmit rate bite fever and salmonella. 

Rat related diseases can be transmitted through contaminated water or food in addition to contact with a bite or scratch from an infected rat.  

If you see a rat, then chances are there are many more rats nearby.  If you are concerned about rats on your property, it is recommended that you contact a pest control service.  For additional information about prevention, you can visit the Kittitas County Public Health Department's website, here.