Extras wanted for feature film

YAKIMA, WA - In the world of All Sorts, professional folder filing is a competitive sport, and Granger High School alumnus J. Rick Castañeda (Cement Suitcase) wants you to get in on the action! Locals in the Yakima Valley will shine on the big screen as they cheer on the film’s stars as they compete in the climax of the film, the A-Z Filing Championship!

All Sorts, which is currently filming in the Yakima Valley, will be packing the gym this month at Toppenish Middle School on March 9, 10, & 11. This surreal production is looking for hundreds of people to participate as Extras in the crowd. The casting call is open to all participants over the age of 15 (legal guardians must be present for minors). Extras Signups are available on the website www.allsortsmovie.com.

“Every time I tell people I’m making a movie, they always ask me if they can be in it. This time the answer is yes!” director J. Rick Castañeda said, “Not everybody gets a chance to be in a movie and get that credit on IMDB. All you have to do is show up wearing business casual,” Castañeda said.

The feature-length film stars Eli Vargas, Greena Park, and Luis Deveze, and features a diverse cast and crew from Central Washington, Seattle, and Los Angeles. Castañeda’s last film, Cement Suitcase, screened in 10 film festivals, won 4 awards and was distributed on cable VOD, Amazon, and Hulu.

To get more information about All Sorts please visit www.allsortsmovie.com.



Through a secret door behind the office vending machine, a lonely data entry clerk named Diego finds the magical world of championship folder filing. As he coaches his talented coworker June in the competition, the two begin to fall in love...but do they really have a shot, or are they just fooling themselves?


A lunatic boss, a magical copy machine, a water cooler that likes to make music, and an underground folder filing competition – this is the surreal world of Data Mart, a data management office where all is not is as it seems.

Diego is desperate – for a job, for excitement, for love. When he easily impresses Vasquez, the absurd boss who loves data but can’t type, Diego soon finds himself in a strange, strange land. There he meets June, an incredibly fast filer, and as the two make their way into the secret world of underground filing, things will never be the same. Diego agrees to be her coach and manager, and as June rises up through the underground filing ranks, the two begin to fall for each other. But is the love they start to develop actually worth leaving her boyfriend? Or are they both just fooling themselves?


ELI VARGAS (Arrested Development, Burning Bodhi) stars as Diego. Eli is a Los Angeles native who has appeared in a long list of popular film and movies. Vargas has had roles in The Office, CSI, iCarly, and You, Me, and Dupree, and most recently, Other People. He also played opposite Michael Peña as Fernando, the son of the revolutionary labor leader and civil rights activist, in the film Cesar Chavez.

GREENA PARK, originally from South Korea, has made a name for herself with an impressive list of films and TV shows and is co-starring as June. Since moving to the US, Park’s been in many award-winning short films such as Angel Town and Family from Tang where she won Best Actress at the 2017 International Indie Film Festival in Los Angeles.

LUIS DEVEZE (Ingrid Goes West) has recently appeared in television comedy Last Man on Earth and starred as the lead in Feliz Año Tijuana (Happy New Year Tijuana). Deveze joins the cast as Diego’s eccentric boss, Mr. Vasquez. Deveze is a native of México, but currently resides in Los Angeles, and has been pursuing acting professionally since 2003. His strong performances have taken his work into International Film Festivals, and over 30 national and international commercials.


J. Rick Castañeda, an award-winning writer and director of branded content and narrative films and a co-founder of Psychic Bunny, Inc. He wrote and directed the feature film Cement Suitcase, a comedy-drama set throughout Central Washington. The film screened at more than ten film festivals, won multiple awards, and currently has a 100% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It received wide distribution on Cable VOD, and also was picked up by Amazon Prime, Hulu, and iTunes.

Originally from Granger, WA, Rick graduated from USC with a major in Creative Writing and a minor in film. He has directed videos for Disney, MSN, Imagine Dragons, League of Legends, and just recently, LEGO. For more information about Rick’s projects, please visit


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