Family honors life of son by helping children with school supplies

YAKIMA, WA - Five years ago the Mora family was struck with a life-changing tragedy, they unexpectedly lost their 12-month-old son Santana to a medical condition. This year Santana would have started kindergarten and in honor of that Jozette Mora decided to honor his life through a school supply drive. 

"With him turning five it was just natural to want to do something to celebrate that huge milestone and what could have been the start of his school career," said Mora. 

Santana's School Supply Drive has received an outpouring of support from the community with not only adults but even children joining the cause. 

Santana's brother Zander Mora is thankful for all the support they have gotten so far. 

"We are going to help a lot of kids I think and I also think that my mom is doing something really special for our family," said Zander. 

The spokesperson for the Yakima School District, Kirsten Fitterer agrees and predicts the drive will be very beneficial.   

"I can already forecast by the amount of supplies and cash donations that have come into the supply drive, that we are going to have schools of at least kindergartners if not more, supported in full," said Fitterer. 

The school drive is not only beneficial to children but also the Mora family because it is helping them heal. 

"To be able to say my son's name, to see it in print, to celebrate his birthday, things that we have not been able to do since losing him is amazing," said Mora. 

This is the first drive that the family has done to honor Santana, but Mora said they may be doing more in the future. 

To make a donation for the school supply drive people can go to; The Yakima School District on North 4th avenue, The Department of Social & Health Services on North 16th Avenue, The Yakima Schools Foundation on South 2nd Street or any of the two Gesa Credit Unions or Central Valley Bank locations in Yakima. People can also donate at Santana's GoFundMe page:

Santana's School Supply Drive will end on August 26th.  

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