Farmer's market season kicks off with start of summer

RICHLAND, WA - With the start of summer comes one of our all-time favorites: farmer's markets are back!

"For us, it's really a connection to your community," said Amy Johnson, owner of Purple Star Winery. "You're buying from your neighbors, you're buying from a husband-and-wife team, you're buying from someone who thought, 'you know what, I'd really like to start my own business,' and you're supporting that."

With summer finally upon us, that means the start of a quintessential staple: the farmer's market. 

Today, Richland kicked off its season with their own, right in the Parkway. When asked why people should come down, Johnson said the answer was simple.

"Number one, the energy is amazing," Johnson said. "The food that is available at farmer's markets is really at the level that you just won't experience anywhere else. You can get a little treat from here, a little treat from there."

"And you get to meet such a diverse group of people; I mean, even just the people that come weekly, they all have their own story to tell. It's a really energetic place to meet and feel the vibe of the cities."

On a personal level, the farmer's market gives you the chance to make a connection with the maker of a product, where you otherwise wouldn't be able to. Another business owner gives her opinion on the benefit of farmer's markets.

"Getting to know the people who actually grow the food and who make the wines or make the handcrafted items and learn more about their story," said Angela Kora, owner of Ethos Bakery & Cafe.

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