Fever Hoping For Chemistry

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- The Yakima Valley Warriors are back at the SunDome Saturday night, looking to push their record to 3-1 in their first season in franchise history.

Plus, the Tri-Cities Fever will try and put their first win on the board Saturday night when they host Fairbanks.

This week the Fever have brought 5 new players into the fold: two receivers, a linebacker, an offensive lineman, and a running back.

Coach Adam Shackleford is just hoping every one on the team can get along.

"You hope your team has chemistry," said Shackleford. "Some of the things as a coach you think you can control but really you don't. You can't make guys get along. You just hope you bring in the right guys and I think our team for the most part, has them. Those things are important in building a championship team."

"We know that we can win so we just have to go out and relax and have fun because it's a privilege to be out here," said Receiver Kevin Heard.

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