Fighting meets family at Gracie North jiu jitsu in Yakima

YAKIMA, WA - At Gracie North in Yakima, people of all ages are taught the art of Gracie jiu jitsu.

"Through jiu jitsu we want to give them more reflex, more self-defense, more that they can just be more aware of their environment," said Kauan Gracie, Director of Movement.

The academy is run by Brazilian sisters Kauan Gracie and Kaulin Gracie Snyder. Both of them are teaching Yakima the style of jiu jitsu their grandfather created.

"It's the most efficient martial art in the world," Kaulin said. "It's widely used in MMA and all sorts of fighting championships."

For them, it's continuing the family tradition.

"My father was one of the greatest of all time in Gracie jiu jitsu, he was a world champion," Kauan said. "He has 450 fights undefeated."

It was Kaulin's idea to open the academy.

"Maybe three years ago she planted the seed," Kauan said.

"It was kind of what was missing in my life," Kaulin admitted. "Having my family involved, my kids, myself and my own training, so I kind of migrated all the Brazilians over here."

Apart from martial arts, the other most important thing at Gracie North is family.

"That's what's different too," said Kaulin. "There is a lot of different martial art schools all around the world, but this is a family school."

Even though it might seem intimidating, the Gracie sisters encourage anyone to give their martial art a try.

"We gradually take you from not knowing anything to a little bit at a time, and then you are better than us," said Kaulin.

For information on classes and pricing, visit their website:

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