Fire Station 5 comes with the latest in technology

KENNEWICK, WA - Fire Station 5 in Kennewick is officially up and running. The state-of-the-art building has the latest in technology, including new traffic control signals that may be a little confusing for drivers.

Crews say the goal behind the traffic control system is quicker response time.

When the system is activated, the lights at the intersection heading Southbound on Kellogg street will turn green. Before the intersection, there's an emergency stop light that will be activated.

Drivers should also be aware of the no right turn, red light on the Northeast corner of West 10th Avenue and Kellogg Street.

"If you see these red signals, or the green light, proceed with caution, know that we're going to be exiting our station here and heading out to our call," said Mason Osborn with KFD.

One more feature that will save crews time is doors equipped with magnetic sensors that detect traffic within 8 feet.

After 10 seconds, if the sensor doesn't detect traffic, the doors will close automatically.  

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