Firefighters Give Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

YAKIMA, WA-- With three residential fires in one week in Yakima just after fire safety week ended, firefighters want to remind you how make sure your home is safe.

They said most house fires start in the kitchen.

The best advice is to keep your prep area clear, and keep things that can catch on fire like towels, and napkins away from any heat source.

You also want have multiple escape routes planned.

"Two ways of egress, two ways out. Sometimes you can't get out the door in which you're in.  You can be in a room that has a door, if it's smoke, if it's smoky, if smoke's coming out the crack or if it's hot, don't go out there, go out your window," said Yakima Fire Captain, Tom Schneider.

Firefighters said to make sure you also have a working fire alarm system and fire extinguisher in your home.

If you have any questions about the safety of home, you can call your local fire department and they will help you out.

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