First degree murder charges dropped against former Pasco police officer Richard Aguirre

12/07/17 UPDATE:

SPOKANE, WA - On December 6th, 2017, first degree murder charges were dropped against former Pasco Police Officer Richard Aguirre.

The motion and order to dismiss document reads as follows:

"JOHN F. DRISCOLL, JR. states: That I am a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in and for Spokane County, Washington, and as such is in charge of the prosecution of the above matter, that recent DNA results raise significant evidentiary issues, therefore, in the interests of justice, it is respectfully requested that the above-named matter be dismissed without prejudice.

"Therefore, upon reviewing the above motion for dismissal and the record.

"IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that said charge of MURDER IN THE FIRST DEGREE, and the same is hereby dismissed, and the defendant, RICHARD J. AGUIRRE, and his sureties from any further liability within."


04/20/17 UPDATE:

SPOKANE, WA - The family of former Pasco Police Officer Richard Aguirre is speaking out. NBC Right Now reporter, Crystal Garcia received the email statement, referring to the cold case murder trial out of Spokane.

This comes as Aguirre and his legal team are gearing up for the trial, he is facing charges for the 1986 murder of prostitute, Ruby Doss.  

Just yesterday, a judge pushed back the trial from this May to October. After that decision, family spokesperson, Lisa LeDoux, released this statement:

Statement from Family and Friends on behalf of Richard Aguirre's false allegation in Spokane and recent court date (on Tues 4/18/17)

"We wish to prove Richard's innocence as quickly as possible so that he can move forward with his life.  We are disappointed that this case has been continued.

Bail was initially set at 1.5mil but the state has agreed to release him on his own personal recognizance (without bail).  We feel this is an indication that the state does not have substantial evidence, therefore they are needing more time.  The only "evidence" they claim to have is missing.

The State has not only changed their entire prosecution team (including the replacement of their main cold case detective) - but the State is also requesting the continuance.

Motions to dismiss are currently being prepared because of provable lies from the Prosecuting Attorneys office and the Cold Case Detectives.  With little to no evidence, this case should have never made it this far, thus spending extra taxpayer dollars in court costs. This is the 3rd time Spokane has tried to charge/frame an innocent person for this crime."

This is the latest legal battle, for Aguirre, as you may remember, last month he was found not guilty of the rape and assault charges in Pasco.


03/24/17 UPDATE:

PASCO, WA - The Spokane County Prosecutor told NBC Right Now the murder trial for former Pasco Officer Richard Aguirre is now moving forward after a Franklin County Jury found him not guilty of rape and assault.

Right now, the trial is set to start on May 8th. Aguirre is accused of murdering Ruby Doss in 1986.

DNA testing for the rape trial matched the DNA in the murder case linking Aguirre to Doss. Aguirre pleaded not guilty to the charges in July of 2015.

His attorney, John Henry Browne, asked a Spokane judge to dismiss the charge in March of last year, saying military records prove his client was in South Korea at the time of the murder.


03/23/17 UPDATE:

PASCO, WA - A jury has found former Pasco Police Officer Richard Aguirre not guilty in his second trial. The verdict came in Thursday, March 23.

The re-trial started Monday, March 20. The jury made up of 10 women and 4 men listened to arguments from both the prosecutor and defense. Each side recounted the events that took place in November of 2014.

Aguirre was charged with rape in third degree and assault in the fourth degree with sexual motivation. His first trial ended in a hung jury in July 2016.

Aguirre is still facing charges for the murder of Ruby Doss in 1986 in Spokane County.


08/02/16 UPDATE:

PASCO, WA - State prosecutors have decided to re-try a former Pasco Police Officer in a rape and assault case.

Richard Aguirre's first trial ended with a hung jury last month.

The re-trial is now set for March 15 of next year.

Defense Attorneys want the trial moved to another county. They think it's going to be hard to find a jury that isn't biased. They also want the same judge to try the case; Judge Bruce Spanner.

Aguirre is also accused of a murder from back in 1986 in Spokane that is set to go to trial in November, and is expected to take up the majority of the rest of this year.


04/27/16 UPDATE:

SPOKANE COUNTY, WA - John Henry Browne, the attorney representing Richard Aguirre, told NBC Right Now he will be filing a motion to have his client's Franklin County rape trial moved to a different venue. Browne says he believes the media attention on this case will impact a jury in Franklin County.  

According to Browne, the Spokane County Prosecutor's office has approved his other motion to remove all Tri-Cities search warrant evidence from his Spokane murder case. Browne believes the Franklin County Prosecutor will make the same decision, however there is no confirmation of that.

This evidence is not to be mistaken with DNA evidence swabs that originally connected Aguirre to the cold case murder out of Spokane. "The extent of the publicity, the nature of the publicity that the Tri-Cities area has been, much more problematic than the publicity in Spokane. I think particularly the Spokane reviews recently are very balanced and fair articles. But, I am not sure that has been the case in Franklin County," Browne explained.

Aguirre posted bail in Spokane County at the beginning of April. According to his condition of release, he cannot leave the state of Washington. NBC Right Now has received several tips that he is staying in town. NBC Right Now did spot Aguirre in downtown Kennewick, however when we tried to approach him he had already drove away.


SPOKANE, WA - The attorneys for a former Pasco Police Officer accused of murdering a woman in Spokane County in the 1980's, have filed a motion to throw out evidence.

On Monday, the attorneys asked a judge to throw out evidence, claiming the warrant police used to collect Richard Aguirre's DNA was not part of the case and therefore should not be included.

No word yet on the court's decision.   


04/02/16 UPDATE:

SPOKANE, WA - The former Pasco Police officer charged with killing a woman in Spokane is out of jail.

Friday night Richard Aguirre is out of jail after posting a $500,000 bond. 

A judge ruled there wasn't enough evidence to back up his lawyers claims that he was overseas when Ruby Doss was killed back in 1986. 

This means the First Degree Murder charges against him will stand.


02/02/16 UPDATE: 

PASCO, WA - A former Pasco Police Officer is back in a Tri-Cities courtroom.

Richard Aguirre is accused in a cold case murder from the 80's in Spokane county and a more recent sexual assault in Franklin County.

Aguirre appeared before a judge in Pasco Tuesday morning. His lawyer asked the court to move back his sexual assault trial because his murder trial in Spokane has been moved to April.

The sexual assault trial in Franklin County is now set to begin in June. 


05/01/15 UPDATE:

 KENNEWICK, WA - Scott Johnson, a lawyer with Mendoza and Johnson in Kennewick, is representing the former Pasco Police officer charged with sexual assault and now connected to a 1986 murder in Spokane. 

Johnson said he has been representing Rich Aguirre since November when the sexual assault allegation first came out. 

Aguirre is single, not married, but does have a lot of tight-knit family in the Tri-Cities area. Johnson said Aguirre was stationed at Fairchild Air Force Base in Spokane during the time of Ruby Doss' murder and he believes the two could have had some sort of relationship.

"What I can tell you, is we're not surprised that Rich's DNA may have been associated with Miss Doss. That's not a surprise at all but what I can also say is, that although those two may have known each other, Rich is simply not the individual who would have killed her," said Johnson.

He said he is shocked that police released this information before charging his client with murder. For now, Johnson is preparing a case as if Aguirre has been charged and said if he is, he will turn himself in.