First Ever Brewery Opens in City of Hermiston

HERMISTON, Ore. - Oregon is home to more than 130 breweries across the state and now Hermiston is hopping on the band-wagon. The Hermiston Brewing Company is the city's first ever brewery.

It is actually inside Nookie's Bistro and Spirits, a restaurant that has been around for eight years. The owners decided it was time they sold some of their own beers, but with limited brewing experience they hired a professional who helped craft the recipes.

With a total of 13 different beers on tap, there really is something for everyone. And local ingredients like berries and lavender give the brews a home-town taste.

The brewery opened last Wednesday and it is already an institution.

"We set our all time record, ever in our eight year history of sales on a Wednesday night, followed by as big a night on Thursday, a larger night on Friday and beat that record on Saturday. As you can see in here today, it hasn't slowed down," said Mitch Myers with Hermiston Brewing Company.

While the Hermiston Brewing Company is brand new, the trademarked name is more than a century old. Myers says when the town was founded, one man attempted to open the brewery then but Hermiston was incorporated as a dry town. Now more than 100 years later, it is finally open.

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