First store of Walla Walla's new mall to open this Friday, with more to follow

WALLA WALLA, WA - The construction of the Walla Walla Town Center is almost done. Unfortunately though, the people of Walla Walla will have to wait a little longer for all of the stores in the center to open.

It's going to be a scattering of openings between now and August. The first is happening this Friday - the Sportsman's Warehouse will open its doors.

Most stores will be opening from mid-May to late June. Ross is scheduled to open in August.

But for the people of Walla Walla, the town center is needed.

"Oh yeah, we've needed a mall for a while," said Walla Walla resident, Robert Spink. "We have our little mall downtown with Macy's, but that's all we have is a Macy's and they're super expensive. We have the mall in College Place, but there is nothing there. I think it just opens up a lot of opportunity for jobs, and more things to buy without having to travel so far."

Again, all the stores will open on different dates throughout the summer. 

The City of Walla Walla is planning a grand opening for the town center sometime in mid-July.

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