For National Tourism Week, Visit Tri-Cities has a full schedule planned

RICHLAND, WA - To celebrate National Travel and Tourism Week, Visit Tri-Cities is planning a week full of fun.

The Tri-Cities has a lot of fun and unique places tourists or even locals can explore.

Greenies, a bike store in Richland, is perfect for anyone who wants to be outdoors either on land or water.

Perplexit is a live action puzzle room where players are locked in a room full of puzzles or riddles and can't get out until they solve them.

"[Our] hope is that people from the outside looking in will see the wonderful things we have going on as you and I go out and experience these wonderful things, telling these stories, hearing from the proprietors of these businesses and seeing the community enjoy it," said Michael Novakovich Visit Tri-Cities President and CEO. "We're hoping that's a draw for others; whether they are here in the Pacific Northwest or somewhere else."

Tourists can also check out the Carousel of Dreams - a rare sight, because only four complete sets exist in the U.S. There are two on the west coast and the Tri-Cities has the only one that is rideable. 

Barnard Griffin is a local winery that not only offers wine tasting, but also has a restaurant and a fused glass studio where people can take classes and make their own projects.

Starting Monday, Visit Tri-Cities will be having a daily open house in the visitor center, and a scavenger hunt where people can win a grand prize if they go to five key locations, take a selfie, and post it to social media.

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