Founder of 'Dungeon Boxing Club' Seeks to Offer More After-School Programs in Sunnyside

SUNNYSIDE, WA -  Community member Jose Cruz Ramos says there's a big need for after-school programs in the City of Sunnyside. 

Three years ago, he decided to start addressing this need. He started the Dungeon Boxing Club and now he's looking to take it to the next level. 

"I come from these streets out here, I've been out in this turmoil that's out here and there's nothing good for these kids," said Ramos. 

Ramos runs the boxing club out of his 2-car garage. It started with a group of friends getting together to train. Through word of mouth, the club has expanded. It now serves as a haven for a handful of boys ages 7-22. The program is free. All Ramos asks is that the boys bring their commitment. He tells us how his experiences motivate his mission.  

"I did get involved in gangs, which led to a lot of trouble. I ended up in jail for a long time. So that's the type of things I'm hoping to help these kids prevent, from taking those routes. Just giving them something to keep busy," said Ramos. 

Ramos has a vision to grow the Dungeon Boxing Club and start a program called DREAM, which stands for Discover, Reinvent, Explore And Move. Through DREAM, his hope is to offer other types of mentoring and classes for kids. 

Right now, he's working with the City of Sunnyside to access a bigger facility. He says he'll need people to assist with homework once the program is up and running. 

You can reach Jose Ramos at

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