Fryer Fire Closes Wendy's in Richland for a Few Days

RICHLAND, WA - The Friday lunch rush came crashing to a halt today at the Wendy's restaurant in Richland.

Fire crews tell us one of the fryers in the kitchen caught fire, sending flames through the vents up to the roof and smoke throughout the building.

The employees evacuated the building before firefighters arrived, making it easy for crews to get the fire under control.

"We can go straight to fighting the fire then, we don't have to worry about looking for and removing people from the building, and people moving their vehicles out of the way gives us a lot more operating space to get our fire engines, ladder trucks and personnel in to do the work," said Richland Fire Department Batt. Chief Tom Huntington

The building suffered some smoke damage and the fryer was destroyed, but no one was hurt.

The owner hopes to have the restaurant open again in the next few days.

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