Goose Ridge Winery in Richland now offers canned wine

RICHLAND: Goose Ridge in Richland has come up with a unique way to drink wine just in time for spring and summer.

The winery recently came up with the idea to can their wine and the canned product is called "Cascadian outfitters." Taylor Monson, the wineries account sales manager, says it comes from 100 percent estate juice.

Taylor also says not only is the wine 100 percent estate juice, but what makes it unique is that it's made locally in the Tri-Cities. She says basically everything about the product is unique, including the product's mascot.

"I wanted to put together a brand that was focused on the Pacific Northwest, so what better mascot than Mr. Sasquatch here?" said Monson.

The idea behind canning the wine comes from a family-had experience.

"We are a very outdoorsy family and we thought of doing things outdoors," said Monson. "We thought of all the places we can't take a bottle of wine, but we can take a can of wine."

The cans come in three flavors: Rose Wine, Chardonnay and a Red Wine Blend. Each can contains about half a bottle of wine, so you're really getting more bang for your buck.

Taylor Monson says the wine is currently on sale in the 4 Goose Ridge tasting rooms which are located in Walla Walla, Richland, Level-worth and Wooden-Ville.

In the near future the winery hopes to have their products up in retail stores locally and eventually expand nation-wide.

The cans will be sold in the tasting rooms for about $30.00 per 6 pack of wine, and in retail stores for about $5.00 for each individual can.

The "Cascadian Outfitters" launch date will happen April 27th through the 29th during the wineries open hours.

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