Granger student, parent weigh in on their school's backpack ban

GRANGER, WA - Today we spoke with a student and a parent to get local opinions on the Granger School District's decision to ban backpacks in schools.

The Granger School District superintendent says that for years backpacks have not been allowed in classrooms... they are to be kept in lockers, and now the school has decided to ban them altogether after months of violations.

Students can no longer bring backpacks, purses or other bags to school because students could hide weapons, drugs, or alcohol in them. Granger High School and Middle School students can use plastic grocery bags, mesh bags or other see-through bags.

This new policy has gone into effect immediately because as students were getting out of school today, there were no backpacks in sight.

"I don't like it, I disagree, because we carry all our stuff in our backpack and that's the whole point in school," said Esmene Fisk, 10th grader at Granger High School.

"I mean it's not just their school stuff, it's also their sports stuff and, you know, my daughter's feminine products," said Cynthia Baldoeinos, Fisk's mother. "You know, how are all these things going to affect her?"

Starting Monday, March 12, if a student continues to bring a backpack or other banned bags the district will first send a letter home to parents, and then other disciplinary measures will be put in place.

And if your kid likes to go to school early, just know the district is now keeping the high school doors locked until staff arrive at 7:30 in the morning.

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