Hanford High School students raise over $1,000 to buy goats for impoverished in Haiti

HANFORD, WA. -- Some Hanford High School students are helping other kids thousands of miles away. The "Me 2 We" club at Hanford High School recently accomplished their goal of raising $1,250 to buy 25 goats for impoverished children in Haiti. 

These students put in countless hours to fund raise for the goats. When the campaign ended, it took the students a week to count up all the coins they raised. Now that they've accomplished the goal, the students have already set their sights on another one. 

"We have a goal that we want to go to one of these countries that we've been helping like in our senior year so we can see the people that we're helping," Sophomore student Jocelyn Strmez said. 

"Watching the kids, they've become very empowered," Hanford High School teacher Steve Perez said. "We did an event where we went to a senior citizen home and they were very scared. And then afterward they thought it was the coolest thing in the world. So now they're kind of over this fear of going out and doing things and now it's like we can go out and tackle anything."

Next year, the club says they want to fund raise to help buy either chickens for a poor community or a water pump to help provide clean drinking water for years. 

If you want to help out, contact Hanford High School. 


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