Health teacher gives students mental health lessons through yoga

RICHLAND, WA - Teachers face the difficult challenge of engaging their students during school, and sometimes they have to think outside of the box. One teacher at Hanford High School is using her students' experiences for her lesson plan.

Health students at Hanford High are learning important life lessons, and they're not coming out of a textbook.

"It really impacts me because then I can feel like I can do this, I can get through the day, I got this," said Orion Brodie, sophomore at Hanford High.

Teresa Shively is teaching her students about mental health and stress management though yoga, inviting local yoga teacher Karisa Strankman to her class.

"I'm just so honored that I get to share it with these kids and have an impact," said Strankman.

"She says these positive messages as we're doing it and that just makes you feel so good about yourself and just so happy to actually be here," said Brodie.

Both teachers are giving their students real life techniques that they can apply to their everyday lives.

"These little choices that make these big differences and being calm and knowing their worth," said Strankman. "The self acceptance that yoga brings it can change the world. And we're doing it one kid at a time."

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