Hermiston pastor opening restaurant to provide jobs for those in need

HERMISTON, OR - A local ministry in Hermiston is opening up a restaurant to create job opportunities. 

Right next to Desert Rose Ministries, Pastor Jason Estle is opening a new door. The Last Supper Diner is his latest business venture. The first-time restaurant owner hopes to give a second chance for people who have trouble finding employment: people with criminal backgrounds, the homeless, or anyone who had lost their way in life.

"One gentleman had put in, I think, 43 applications," said Pastor Estle, "and didn't get one call back on it or anything."

He's the first to admit that he knows next to nothing about the restaurant industry, but one thing he does know is how to help the people of Hermiston in a way he can.

"Be able to get them feeling good and confident and getting right back into the swing of society," Pastor Estle said.

He and his wife are opening the restaurant with only one thing in mind: the community. They're planning on having a free meal night for families who maybe can't afford to sit at a restaurant.

"I want to be able to provide a place that if somebody's dad is struggling, working hard all the time and can't take his family out to eat, now he'll be able to take his family out to eat."

Right now, all of the employees are volunteering, but Pastor Estle's mission hasn't gone unnoticed. The community has been donating everything from paintings to plates, so they can serve these blessings on a silver platter.

The Last Supper Diner still has a lot to do before opening day on August 1, but with a lot of help from the community, it's coming together little by little.

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