Hermiston Snow Day Helps Spread Holiday Cheer

HERMISTON, WA- Wednesday's snow day brought families geared with sleds to Union High School's hill. They were more than excited to be sledding and welcoming the winter season. 

One dad we talked with, Mark Rotter told us, "we woke up this morning early and got the call from the school, no school, so we had breakfast and I said, let's go sledding". Rotter had just bought his sleds at Cosco a few days before the snow day. He said, "every year [Union High School hill] is full of people and we drive by and go, oh! So this year we said we're going to buy one and join in the fun".

Just across the way from the sledding hot spot is, Hermiston City Hall. The road off of the city hall is blocked off but not because of the snow, instead, it's because a very tall holiday tree is in the middle of the street. 

We talked with the Parks and Recreation Director, Larry Fetter and he told us, "Hermiston used to have an annual tradition around having a Christmas Tree in the center of 2nd and Main Street and that stopped in the sixties". They are now trying to bring back the tradition, but this time they're putting the tree in a place to avoid traffic that's safer for the community. 

Thursday night is the official tree lighting ceremony and Fetter told us they're planning to decorate the entire area for the celebration. It starts at 5 in the evening Thursday and will be Friday and Saturday nights as well. 

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