Hometown Proud and Fun: Selah

SELAH, WA - For our second-to-last week of our Hometown Proud and Fun segment, we were offered plenty of places in Selah to check out!

We sat down with the owner and manager of Nana Kate's, a place that not only offers amazing food and drinks - they make sure to help the community of Selah as much as possible.

Nana Kate's is a cafe that serves fresh food made from as many local sources as they can get. They're open from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. with a daily menu, and then they close for private parties. They also host meetings for parents, nonprofits, and clubs.

"As a business, supporting our local community with our dollars that have been spent here, I think it's a give and take," said Kate Platt and Jaime Grubenhoff, the owner and manager of Nana Kate's, respectively. "It's a symbiotic relationship and we want to continue that relationship."

As they both have family in the area, helping the community grow and expand is something they want to do.

A good thing to know about Nana Kate's is they offer food for anyone... whether you're a vegan, vegetarian, or have a food allergy.

We also learned today that Selah is home to six national known fruit companies - the largest one being Tree Top Juice.

What sets this Tree Top facility apart is that not only is this their corporate office, but it's also the only facility to have a visitor center open to the public.

The visitor center started out as a little trailer next to the facility, and they only sold juice to workers. But for the past six years the visitor center has been a walk-in establishment that is a combination between a store and a café/deli shop.

They sell all kinds of Tree Top products, including some that can only be found there, we're told.

"The store itself is our face of the company," said Mary Gordon Assistant Manager with the center. "We have all our juice, all our applesauce. Anything that you can get through Tree Top, we pretty much have it here."

The company is also community involved: Gordon tells us that every year for Christmas they put together a fundraiser for foster kids so that they don't feel excluded during the holiday season, and they get to unwrap a gift like every other child.

Tree Top has been around since 1960, and here at Selah's location they have four separate plants: fresh slice, juice, warehouse, and applesauce. 

Hometown Proud reporters: Alanna Inzunza and Briseida Holguin

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