Hometown Proud: Lexington veterinarian helping livestock

LEXINGTON, OR.-- Dick Temple has been a veterinarian for decades, and he's spent three of them in Lexington. Since the area is so filled with livestock, his usual patients can weigh a few-hundred pounds. Those are his favorite.

That being said, Dick would never turn an animal away. He's taken care of dogs, cats, rabbits, goats, and much more, in Lexington alone. 

Before moving to Lexington, he lived all over the Pacific Northwest, and jumped around Canada as well. While Lexington, he says, is his favorite place, Dick recalled some interesting animal experiences he had while living elsewhere. 

"Here I haven't vaccinated any cougars," Dick told KNDU, "Or de-fanged any rattlesnakes. But when I was practicing in Montana I was involved in both."

Now, Dick and his wife, Karen, help their furry friends at their practice, in the town they call home. 

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