Hometown Proud: Pendleton Underground Tours

PENDLETON, OR - The City of Pendleton has a bit of a concealed history. 

An entire operation of old underground bars, shops, and rooms sits under today's buildings and streets.

Reporter Rex Carlin took the tour today, and learned that the tunnels and rooms and hideouts below the city sure have some stories to tell.

From prohibition-era bars and gambling rooms below ground to the 18 brothels scattered across different buildings in town, the City of Pendleton has a shady history worth sharing. Now, more than 50 years after the last brothel closed up shop, historical Pendleton is reaching audiences across the world.

"We have people now that are from the Netherlands that are following the show called 'The Mole,' and so they're really interested in what we're doing here, and it is a fun story to tell," said Ken Jacobs, a tour guide.

Do you remember the show "The Mole" that aired in the early 2000's? The Netherlands has its own version of the show and it's extremely popular. The show actually came to Pendleton last may and filmed an episode on the underground tour. Ever since the episode aired, an influx of European tourists has come through Pendleton Underground Tours.

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