Hometown Proud: The Frazier Farmstead Museum in Milton-Freewater

MILTON-FREEWATER, OR - For this week's Hometown Proud, reporter Kristina Shalhoup went down to Milton-Freewater to learn about some of the history behind the area.

Kristin Williams, the director of the Frazier Farmstead Museum, told Kristina that the Frazier farmstead was the home of William and Rachel Frazier when they came to Milton in 1867. 

"This year, actually, the family is going to have their 150th reunion on the property, which I think is exciting," Williams said.

"The house was finished in 1892, and it just shows," she added. "It just starts with the history of the Frazier family and it kind of grows to the history of the family and how things have changed over time."

Kristina asked Williams what people notice most when they visit the farmstead. 

"One thing people notice the most is the grand staircase," Williams answered.

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