Hometown Proud: The history of our own Kennewick station

KENNEWICK, WA - For Kennewick's segment of Hometown Proud - and at the request of some of our viewers - we looked into the history of our station at 3312 W. Kennewick Avenue.

"Yeah, it's interesting because so many things have happened here, in the funeral home," said Gene Spaulding.

That's right; Spaulding said funeral home. Built at 3312 W. Kennewick Avenue almost 60 years ago.

"'59, 59-60 and it was called Spaulding's. S-p-a-u-l-d-i-n-g with a S."

Since then, that funeral home has been converted into our home...and today, Spaulding gave reporter Kristina Shalhoup a tour around the building that he and his family built, starting with what we now know as our beloved break room.

"The prep room is a place that was always locked here and there, but it was where the bodies were placed and get them ready," Spaulding said. "And we had an elevator that would lift bodies up because some of the bodies were quite heavy."

"We had 33 caskets in here. This is what we called the show room."

"For a funeral home, this is what we called the chapel. This is where the funerals occurred."

Spaulding closed down his business after his wife passed away in the '70s. He said that that's how we came to own the building. 

Spaulding says, walking around today, while there are little reminders of old times like the stained-glass windows you'd see, the building is virtually unrecognizable.

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