PASCO, WA - All you have to do is walk into Viera's Bakery, and you'll know everything is baked fresh.

Even Tacoma resident Rebecca Suderman thinks so, who visited the bakery for the first time and commented that what she ordered was "amazing" and "still warm".

This is because that's how they do it here daily, and the manager, Eulogio Zarate, commends the owner for his hard work.

"He expects his bread to look a certain way, and that's because he wants his customers to leave happy every time they come in."

Which means the staff here is constantly hard at work.

"We do a lot of production now and we thank our employees, every one of them, that they come in and they put in their hours and help us out," Zarate told us.

And with over 100 different kinds of pastries, it's hard to decide on just one.

"You will find something you would want to try," Zarate ensured. Even if it's your first time inside, you're bound to find something to enjoy. For the Suderman family, they ordered some churros, cornbread, and a couple of empanadas.

Zarate admits that out of town visitors like the Sudermans usually come back for more.

"We get people out of town from here, they'll be like, "oh" and they swing in, get some stuff and eventually they come back."

And this business couldn't be more grateful.

"At the end of the day that's what keeps our doors open, is customers coming back and wanting to come back."

So if you're ever in the area and want to try a sweet slice of Pasco, Zarate says: "Keep on coming back. That's all I can say."

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