Hometown Proud: Yakima's classic, the Stop And Go Drive-In

YAKIMA, WA - For this week's Hometown Proud: What Grows Here, reporter Veronica Padilla checked out a drive-in that has been growing along with the community.

A long, long time ago, when Fruitvale Boulevard was the highway up to White Pass, families would grab a bite to eat at the Stop And Go Drive-In.

Today, not much has changed. Fruitvale is still a busy road, and hungry customers line up to get their hands on burgers and fries.

"It's been my only job since 1994," said Anthony Wade, the owner. "I was a young kid in here making pop, cutting grass, basically doing everything that my dad asked me to do."

Now, Wade's the owner. He and his wife bought the restaurant from his parents about three years ago.

"The secret to Stop And Go's continuing success is simple," Wade explained. "The regulars keep on coming back for more and the menu stays the same. We still get all of our product from the same companies. We really make ourselves prideful on making hot food, everything fresh, nothing is standing. So we're not the typical fast food restaurant."

One of the most popular burgers is the Texas Cheeseburger, with three slices of bacon. Don't forget the fries with a side of tartar and fry sauce, both made in house every day.

And it's that passion for good food from Wade and previous owners that has lead to the Stop And Go Drive-In standing the test of time, allowing generations of families in Yakima to enjoy great food with great company.

"It's been great. Same people that I've seen when I was 8, 9 years old still coming, talking about how they watched me grow up. That's part of the beauty of this small business that we have regulars that we see once a week. We know their orders, know their names. Just a great family place."

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