Hot Car Act would put a "rear seat reminder" alert in new vehicles

UNITED STATES - As the temperatures rise, unfortunately, so will the number of kids accidentally left and killed in a hot car. Nine children have already died this year alone.

Today, advocates for children's safety and legislators join forces to introduce bipartisan legislation to require life-saving technology in vehicles.

"This is about saving kids' lives, period!" said Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio 13th).

"It's not about politics," said Janette Fennell, president and founder of "It's not about who is right or wrong. It is about safety."

A simple integrated reminder that safety experts say can save a life.

"The many bells and whistles we have in cars, this one will save lives," said Rep. Jan Schakowsky, (D-Illinois-9th).

Technology that is proven and already exists - General Motors is currently offering the "rear seat reminder" in several of its 2017 models.

There are apps and safety devices currently on the market to help caregivers remember their precious cargo, but this act would require the Secretary of Transportation to issue a rule requiring all new passenger vehicles be equipped with an alert system.

"It's really not too much to ask to save the life of a child to add a little technology."

Live-saving technology that comes too late for parents like Miles and Carol Harrison, whose son Chase died in a hot car.

"I pulled him from the car seat, unaware of anyone around, and ran into the office with him in my arms, screaming," Miles said.

Standardized equipment in automobiles so no parent ever has to say 'I forgot'. 

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