HOT CLICKS: Dad Mimics Homecoming Photo With Daughter's Boyfriend, Man Makes Amends with City

HOT CLICKS: Some dads are strict, some are more lenient and some are just silly.

When it comes to their daughters, some dads will try anything to get their point across to their boyfriend.

One dad decided he would join in on the homecoming photos saying "whatever you do to my daughter, I will do to you," including the typical prom photo pose.

The subsequent photo has gone viral.


Sometimes you just have to get something off your chest and make it right, even if it happened decades ago.

Well that's the story of one man in Utah who sent an apology letter along with $500 to the city of Orem. He confessed he vandalized a park in his youth and now wanted to fess up.

The city posted the photo of his letter and the money to Facebook and people have been taking notice.

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