Husband and father of seven still missing

WAPATO, WA - It's been two weeks since a father of seven has gone missing, and his family still hasn't heard from him.

The family is trying to stay strong, but they are still wondering where their dad is. The Canales family is trying to stay strong, but they say it's tough as the days pass and they still have no word on their father.

"We don't know if something bad happened to him."

Jose's wife says him missing just doesn't make sense.

"We're thinking if a car goes by, 'Oh, it might be him coming,' or if the phone rings it might be him calling, but we don't have no answers; nothing," said Blanca Canales. "It's just like he disappeared; he vanished."

Jose has been missing for two weeks, leaving his kids with minds full of what-ifs.

"Just to know if he is alive or not," Jose's daughter said. "Just to have him home or just to keep him safe from any harm in this area."

Blanca says she last heard from Jose on Friday, July 6.

"The last thing I heard was on Friday that he had walked into a store named the Guadalupana," Blanca recalled. "He had cashed a paycheck there and had told one of the employees that he was going to be at work on Saturday and he never showed up to work on Saturday."

Blanca has talked with the Yakima County Sheriff's and filed a missing person's report. She's also placed posters around town, but without any information, she says the best thing she can do as a mother of seven is to remain positive.

"The kids ask, 'Have you heard anything, Mom? Has anything been done? Has anybody said anything about Dad'?" Blanca said. "I just want to put closure for my children so my kids don't have to be asking questions I don't have answers to."