JUST ASK SHANE: New Eastgate Elementary Construction

PASCO, WA - We want to try and set the record straight on a rumor that has been making the rounds in Pasco this summer.  Lorraine sent me an email asking, "What are they building at the intersection of Sandifur Parkway and Convention Drive in west Pasco?  Lots of heavy equipment moving dirt around.  Is it a Costco?"

Well Lorraine, the easy answer is no, it's not a Costco.  I spoke with Rick White, Pasco's economic and community development director this week.  He told me the construction going on at Sandifur Parkway and Convention Drive in west Pasco is actually another new housing development.  Hayden Homes plans to build 188 homes in the new 50-acre development that will be called Three Rivers West.

As for the Costco rumor, I did speak with someone in Costco's corporate office in Seattle, and they told me they don't comment on their potential building plans.  I also asked Rick White about Costco, and he says the city of Pasco has not received any sort of proposal or permit request from Costco.  He also told me that he's been hearing "rumors" about Costco coming to Pasco for the past few years.

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