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KENNEWICK, WA - If you've been wondering what's going on behind Zintel Canyon dam recently, you're not alone.

Diane sent us an email asking, "What's going on with the water flow behind Zintel Canyon dam?" We went out to the dam to check it out, and you can see that there is some water pooling up behind the dam. So, how did it get there?
It turns out it's all part of the City of Kennewick's aquifer storage and recovery project.  The city is working with the Washington Department of Ecology to store water in an underground aquifer in the southridge area.  Right now, they're testing the system to see how much the aquifer can hold.  The water you see behind the dam was used in the testing.  It's now evaporating or seeping back into the ground.  The plan is to draw water from the Columbia River in the winter when demand is low, and store it for use in the summer months.

"This is a win-win.  Environmentally, we're keeping more water in the river in the summer by storing it in the winter.  It's just a great use of what mother nature has provided us, a safe storage system underground," said Evelyn Lusignan, a spokeswoman for the City of Kennewick.

The aquifer can hold more than 100 million gallons of water, which is enough to fill more than 150 Olympic-size swimming pools.  The 4th testing phase will happen in June, and they hope to start storing water this winter.  The testing has caused some erosion behind the dam, and the city says they'll work with the landowner to repair any damage.

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