Kadlec Regional Medical Center Expansion

RICHLAND, WA -- Kadlec Regional Medical Center debut two of their four new state of the art floors in its River Pavilion Tower today.

After three years of planning, their goal was accomplished.

The four-story expansion doubled the size of their intensive care unit and it is also is allowing staff to use all of their 270 beds.

It's not just about more space. The expansion means that their staff can keep giving exceptional care to their patients.

"It makes available for other people to have that opportunity we had," said Lucy Dole.

"The difference was the staff," said former patient, Ben Dole. "They did a fantastic job. The facility is great, but it's the people that make a difference."

The River Pavilion's 8th and 10th floors will be open to patients this coming Monday.

The 7th and 9th floors will be open this December.

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