Keeping kids safe in the smoke

TRI-CITIES, WA - Just about every school in our area kept kids inside for recess and P.E. today, with some even canceling after school activities like sports practices.

The schools reporter Mackenzie Allen spoke with told her it was an obvious choice to make today...but because this level of smoke is so unusual, many schools don't have a specific policy in place for dealing with poor air quality.

The decision to keep kids in school - but not let them outside - was overwhelmingly supported by our followers on Facebook, with many agreeing that the schools were doing everything they could, and keeping kids inside at home wouldn't be any safer than keeping them inside their schools.

And while schools might not have a specific policy, the Department of Health does.

Right now, our region is between healthy and hazardous, where the guidelines are to not only keep kids inside, but even then limit kids to just light activities.

So what does this mean for the rest of the week?

We're told schools are continuing to monitor the situation and will play it by ear.

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