KPD Daily Briefing: Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sunday, October 27, 2013




Malicious Mischief/400 blk S Anderson St- Complainant reported finding her Ford

Focus' rear window smashed out. The item that broke the window could not be

located. No suspects or witnesses.


Malicious Mischief/7200 blk W Clearwater Ave- Complainant reported three service

trucks were hit with rocks. One windshield was broken and the other vehicle's side

window was broken with river rocks. No suspects or witnesses.


Theft/700 blk N Columbia Center Blvd- Complainant found his car doors ajar and his

stereo, blue tooth and RADAR detector stolen from his vehicle. No suspects or



Malicious Mischief/Columbia Center Blvd & Deschutes Ave- Complainant reported her

vehicle's driver's side window was broken out while it was parked in the area of the

above location. No suspects or witnesses.


Order Violation/2200 blk W 41st Ave- Complainant reported her husband is living out of

his car in the parking lot at 27th and Quillan and is constantly drunk. She has an order

against him but last night he called several times on her phone. Officer Davis contacted

him in his car and admitted calling her. He went to jail.


Theft/2800 blk W 10th Ave- Male attempted to steal 5 bottles of alcohol and then gave a

false name to the LP then to Officer Noble. He was arrested and booked for theft and

false reporting.


B Squad


Suspicious Circumstance & Warrant Arrest/400 blk N Arthur - Officer Ayala responded

to male forcing entry into the apartment. Officers saw that door had been forced open

and announced. No response. Concerned for the resident the officers breached the

damaged door and the residence was cleared while announcing. A male was located

trying to conceal himself. The male is the resident's son. He admitted to forcing his way

into the location and said he did it because he was cold. The apartment manager said

he breaks into the apartment every time the resident is out of town. An attempt was

made to contact the resident, but was not successful. He had 4 warrants for his arrest

and was booked on those.


Burglary/1400 blk W 3rd Ave- Complainant reported that an unknown suspect had

entered her residence and stole an Ipod, a Galaxy tablet, and Xbox, a 65" Samsung TV, $

cash and jewelry.


Felony Assault DV/5500 blk W 4th Ave - Female and her boyfriend were arguing when

he pushed her down got on top of her and started to strangle her. She managed to get

away from him. She left on foot as did the male. She was contacted across the street

and asked why she left? She replied, "Because there is an order". A witness confirmed

the assault as did the marks on her neck. She was semi-cooperative, but probable cause

was developed for Felony Assault/ Order Violation. An ATL was issued for the male.


Vehicle Prowl/2200 blk W 8th Pl- Complainant called after he saw three males in

hoodies enter his neighbor's vehicle. He saw the males walk to his boat and look inside.

He called the police and went outside to see the males leaving the area. The owner of

the vehicle checked his vehicle and determined nothing was missing. Nothing was

missing from the boat.





If you have information pertaining to any of the crimes reported in the

Briefing, contact Kennewick Police at (509) 582-1351 or Tri Cities Crime

Stoppers at (509) 586-8477/ (800) 222-TIPS or


Kennewick Police Crime Prevention prepares the Kennewick Police



For more information contact Kennewick Police Crime Prevention at

(509) 582-1351.

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