Kennewick resident to complete on "Forged in Fire" for a second time

KENNEWICK, WA.-- You could say that, for a living David Roeder plays with fire. A journeyman smith, he's been practicing his craft for about twenty years. but for David, this once-hobby has become an entire way of life. 

"The bills that I pay, the food that we eat, and the clothes that we wear," David told KNDU, "I payed for because of my two hands, and not everybody can say that."

David's specialty is forging knives,and he's so good at it he's been invited to compete in the History Channel's show, "Forged in Fire" for the second time as a fan favorite. 

The episode will air Tuesday night, and David said that you can expect to see him do things that have never been done on the show before. He wouldn't say what, specifically, but he did reveal that there would be "lots of fire"! 

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