Ki-Be School District Adding Surveillance after Break-in

BENTON CITY, WA - It has been a hard three weeks for the Kiona-Benton City School District since someone broke into the closet that housed their entire server system and took a hammer to it.

Now the district is almost back to normal after weeks of on and off phone service, no e-mail or Internet and having to revert to old school classroom equipment.

Now the school board is working on new security measures. The board has just approved installing surveillance cameras throughout the district offices.

Although the cameras had been discussed before the recent break-in administrators said that incident gave them the final push.

"We had had this discussion and we were in the process of making this decision prior to the break-in so the need was exemplified in the incident that we had," said Kiona Benton City School District Superintendent, Rom Castilleja.

The cameras are set to be intalled by the end of this month.

Castilleja explained the cameras will not cost the district much just a couple hundreddollars per unit but it is a price they are willing to pay.

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