Kind Hearted 4 Special Needs

KENNEWICK, WA - Sarai Thomas has been diagnosed with a rare condition that causes tumors to form throughout her body and affects her learning abilities, hearing and balance; she is the inspiration behind Kind Hearted 4 Special Needs.

Linde Thomas and her family struggled with finding a way to make it clear to others that in certain situations Sarai might need a little more time, patience and compassion. 

"Throughout the years we have encountered different problems when she's went out in public when people weren't nice to her or weren't kind and didn't realize she was special needs," says Linde. 

Three months ago they came up with the idea for Kind Hearted 4 Special Needs, a brand that offers simple products such as shirts, buttons or lanyards that tell help identify Sarai as special needs. 

In the time Sarai has been using these products her family says everybody's interactions with her in public have changed drastically. Sarai says wearing these products when she goes out makes her feel safer and more comfortable.

The family's goal is really to spread the message to others of the importance of being kind to everyone. 

For more information on the products they offer or to get in touch with the family check out their Facebook at or Instagram: @kindhearted4specialneeds

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