Forest Service hosting series of meetings on proposed Forest Resiliency Project

KITTITAS COUNTY, WA - With the worst fire in our history this summer, the round table summit in Washington D.C. is discussing coordination between fire chiefs from all over the country. Kittitas county fire chief John Sinclair was one of thirty five on that list but could not be in attendance due to a previous commitment. He spoke with me about round table though. One of the big topics on their agenda was coordination between federal, state and local governments to form a unified protocol

"Preparing the landscape, having defensible space... All of those things are pieces of a national strategy that each community needs to take a look at and say 'ok, what has worked out there?'" says Sinclair.

Budget proposals are being made by the Obama administration to provide more supplies to help wildfire suppression and rehabilitation they will not take away from other wild life budget priorities.

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