Kwik-Lok: A major bread clip producer right in Yakima

YAKIMA, WA - One of the largest producers of bread and produce clips is nestled right here in the Yakima Valley.

The company, Kwik-Lok started in the early 1950's after discovering a need for apple bag closures. Over 65 years later, the company has now grown worldwide, making billions of clips each year.

But the plastic clip company doesn't just stop at food clips: it makes a variety of closures.

"We make bag closures, we make equipment to apply the bag closures, and there's a lot of new innovations every year coming out of Kwik-Lok," said Don Carrell, COO of Kwik-Lok.

The clips are made from plastic in an extrusion process, then formed into their unique shape. They come in 7 different colors signifying the day of the week the product was manufactured.

Kwik-Lok is planning on coming out with more innovative and sustainable products by the end of the year.

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