Living green: Learn how to make your own compost at a local hands-on workshop

KENNEWICK, WA - Reporter Mackenzie Maynard found out there's a composting and waste reduction workshop this weekend.

For the last ten years, Marianne Ophardt, a retired horticulture professor, has taught the composting class for the community. 

"Springtime is a lot of time when people are cleaning out their garden, and sometimes they are finding things that need to be composted out rather than thrown in the garbage," Ophardt said.

She told Mackenzie Maynard that it's not just yard waste, but kitchen waste as well...believe it or not, those egg shells, coffee grinds, and orange peels you throw out can be used in compost.

"Adding some organic matter back into the soil, heavy soil or sandy it'll build those soils and make it more productive."

This weekend there will be a lecture inside the library, followed by a demonstration outside in the garden with the master gardeners, for a hands-on approach.

The event will start at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday at the Mid-Columbia Library off Union Street. Everyone who attends will get their own compost bin and a book on composting at home.

To register, call 735-3551.

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