Local author's daughter encourages inspiring new book: "Earth Angels"

PASCO, WA - A retired teacher of 34 years transplanted to eastern Washington a few years ago and took on her next chapter in life as an author. She wrote two children's books based around dogs and life lessons and then she took on a challenger that her daughter kept pushing. 

Her daughter is 27-year-old Rachel Nicksich. Rachel is your typical millennial. 

"I'm a high school graduate," said Rachel. "Currently, have a little bit of college under my belt. Not a lot. But that's okay because I will get there eventually."

She is passionate about photography, dancing, cooking and baking - and she was also born with Ectodermal Dysplasia. 

"Abnormality of the hair, skin, nails and there are over 280 varieties of Ectodermal," she said. 

Since childhood, she's been bugging her mom to write a book about her so the rest of the world might learn what she's always known: "Understand that it's okay to be different."

Recently, Rachel's mom, Karen Nicksich, gave in. She wrote her third book, took full control of it and titled it ''Earth Angels.''

"I worked with Scott Butner," said Karen. "He took 1,500 photos on three separate occasions and then he said, it's your turn. Pick the ones you want and I thought, oh my gosh!"

The book turned out to be 70 pages of love, highlighting ten family with specially-abled children who share what they've learned from their kids.

"Of all the books I've written I'm so grateful I finally listened to Rachel and I finally wrote this book. You know, I hope it's what she wanted to convey as well," said Karen.

When asked whether Rachel's always known she's an angel, she had this to say: "Mmhmm. Because actually sometimes I can see my angel wings."

Karen wanted to especially thank Miguel Juarez, Director of Social Work at Heritage University. He also organized two seniors studying social work to help Karen with the book, Anna and Delaney. Karen's son, William, took part, as well. 

You can order the book on Karen's website: http://www.pet-angelreader.com/ 

Right now, Karen has a Go Fund Me page set up to help pay for printing more copies. 

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