Local Eagle Scout saves swimmer's life in Hawaii

RICHLAND, WA - A local Eagle Scout vacationing in Hawaii this past December came across a man who needed help and ended up saving his life.

Joseph Marsh and his dad were walking on a beach in Maui taking pictures - when they spotted a man about a hundred yards from the beach struggling in the water and shouting for help. The man was vomiting water and struggling to stay afloat. At that moment without thinking twice, Marsh dropped his things and headed into the ocean.

"If I see a man drowning, there is no hesitation," Marsh said. "'I got it, this is my responsibility. I'm not going to be a by-standard in this. I have to go help this guy; there is no one else that's around him, I have to do this.' I just dropped all my stuff without saying anything. Instinct."

In fact, his instincts led him to receive the Boy Scouts of America Medal of Merit. With his impressive Eagle Scout background and also working as a lifeguard, Marsh knew what to do to help the swimmer. And for the man he saved, Marsh was later notified by beach staff that he was doing well.

Marsh is finishing his junior year at Hanford High School and is planning to attend Washington State University in the near future.

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