Local family hosts 4th Annual Walk For Williams to help raise awareness

KENNEWICK, WA - This weekend marks the 4th Annual Walk For Williams at the Southridge Sports Complex.

Brody Taylor is a 14-year-old boy full of love, hope, and compassion... while living with Williams syndrome.

"He is pure happiness, he's happy all the time, always has a smile on his face, and he's just a sweetheart," said Jacki Taylor, Brody's mom.

Williams is a rare genetic condition that occurs every 1 in 10,000 births worldwide.

"When it hits close to home, you want everybody to learn and know about it," Jacki explained.

Brody's one of the lucky ones... but close to 80 percent of kids with Williams have cardiovascular, kidney and gastrointestinal issues, driving medical bills sky-high.

Because of these reasons, Brody's family wanted to do their part to raise awareness for the condition, leading them to host the Walk For Williams in Kennewick.

"We've had some wonderful people in the community that absolutely love him, and we wanted to do something that we could make them a part of," said Jacki.

Kids with the syndrome face lifelong learning challenges, from developmental delays to sensitive hearing, but what isn't affected is how wonderful they are.

"They have the biggest hearts; they make you want to be a better person."

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